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Selected Television

BONDiNG (Season 1,2) – Netflix, Jax Media, Anonymous Content – Rightor Doyle, director


Selected Film

Down Low (in prod.) - FilmNation Entertainment - Rightor Doyle, director

Mickey and the Bear – Thick Media Co., Shorelight Pictures – Annabelle Attanasio, director

Run/On (Short) – Daniel Kaufman, director

Summer in the Shade – Cinatura, Incline Productions, Light Green Cabbage – Alice Millar, director


Selected Music Videos 

DJ Khaled, Jay Z, Future ‘I Got the Keys’ – Anonymous Content – Daniel Kaufman, director

Leon Bridges ‘Bad, Bad News’ – Sanctuary Content – Natalie Rae, director

Leon Bridges ‘Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand’ – Sanctuary Content – Natalie Rae, director


Selected Commercials

Synovous – Skunk – Brent Harris, director

Kit Kat – New Creative Mix – Crobin, director

Nike ‘Skates’ – Doomsday Entertainment – Hiro Murai, director

Geico ‘Pop Star’ – BSP – Ben Weinstein, director

Monster – Smuggler – Bjorn Ruhmann, director

Price Waterhouse Cooper – Park Pictures – Lisa Rubisch, director 

Dos Equis – Rockstar Films – Mike G, director

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